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Redefining Social Networking

JUST AS THE words “computer” and “email” have become part of our every-day speak, the term “social networking” is simply part of our culture. And its obvious why – social networks are not new – humans are fundamentally gregarious and have always organized themselves into groups, forming strong and weak links. It’s the same behavior, just with new tools. instagram followers buy cheap Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are by now so engrained into our personal lives that it is only a matter of time before they become part of our work lives. This revolution is already happening and is known as “social business” or “enterprise social networking.” The question for businesses is no longer being whether to implement it, but how.Have you ever been swimming in the ocean only to find yourself being pulled in one direction from a strong current? No matter how hard you try, you can’t make any progress when swimming against the tide. Similarly, while social networking may have its issues in the workplace, and in particular security concerns, the key to success is not in fighting against it but, rather, figuring out to harness its potential while staying in control. Just like swimming in the ocean, the best approach is to stop fighting and swim with the tide until you reach the shore.

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Company helps governments sort their social networking

When Anil Chawla built a start-up that uses software to archive social media posts, he never imagined that his biggest clients would be government agencies.Chawla, a former IBM engineer, founded ArchiveSocial in 2011 to design an efficient way to store buy more instagram followers \ and search social media content. The Durham, North Carolina-based start-up recently picked up a $100,000 check from Steve Case’s Washington-based investment firm Revolution Ventures.Federal, state and local agencies have embraced the use of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to connect with citizens, but many do not have an easy way to capture all their interactions to comply with public records laws. In many states, even deleted posts need to be recorded, but trying to access them once they are gone is virtually impossible or requires a subpoena to the company in question.That’s one problem Kristi Wyatt was trying to solve when she discovered ArchiveSocial. Wyatt is the director of communications and intergovernmental relations for the city of San Marcos, Texas, which uses the company’s software.Many officials still use cumbersome manual methods to save their social media posts, she said.“We were taking screenshots of every version of a post or doing a backup every night,” she said.If the city received a public records request that required combing through old posts, the process could quickly become a nightmare, she said.Wyatt came across ArchiveSocial’s software in a previous government role and recommended it when she moved to San Marcos.ArchiveSocial started out in the private sector trying to sell its product to financial institutions or health care companies. The start-up isn’t the only one in this space. Others, such as Backupify, Smarsh and PageFreezer, offer similar archiving services.Chawla said the company soon realized that government was a huge untapped market.