Today’s digital world requires high quality and high-tech maintenance support. Konica Minolta has embraced this challenge, integrating new technologies into the customer service delivery process. And the result is vCare.

What is bizhub vCare? 

Konica Minolta’s bizhub vCare is a Device Relationship Management (DRM) system developed to monitor, maintain and manage bizhub, bizhub PRO and bizhub PRESS multifunction products over the internet. With vCare, there’s less downtime and more productivity.  

Before you even realise there is a problem, we’re already dealing with it. 

How bizhub vCare streamlines your printing environment

Since the system sends us the details immediately, we can track a specific device’s performance and monitor maintenance trends with no interaction from your side. This all happens 24 hours a day, 7-days-a-week, and never gets in the way of using your bizhub product.

Features of bizhub vCare include:

  • Automated Meter Readings
  • Consumables Usage, Monitoring and Ordering
  • Automated Support
  • Environment Friendly

Automated Meter Readings

bizhub vCare generates automated meter readings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis eliminating the need for monthly calls or e-mails to obtain your readings. Automated meter readings allow us to receive accurate meter reads, which ensures billing accuracy.  

Consumables Usage, Monitoring and Ordering

bizhub vCare constantly monitors your Konica Minolta devices removing the worry associated with running out of consumables such as toner. With intelligent supply notifications based on your actual usage, we know exactly what consumable you need, eliminating the need to stockpile supplies. 


Thanks to the wealth of technical information provided by bizhub vCare, it will let the service department know if a device needs a maintenance call to replace a part, even before it wears out, which leads to a reduction in service costs and downtime.  

Environment Friendly

By pinpointing a technical malfunction, bizhub vCare helps reduce a company’s environmental footprint as no unnecessary service visits and travel is required by technicians.  

How We Can Help Save Money On Your Printing Requirements

To implement an effective print strategy, we first need to have a comprehensive understanding of your printing requirements. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to managing printing requirements. Konica Minolta Office Solutions will conduct an in-depth assessment that identifies your needs and implements a strategy that enables our clients to increase productivity, use the latest print technology and implement industry best practice standards.  

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Konica Minolta Office Solution becomes your (SME) subject matter expert and takes responsibility for the solution as a Technology Partner, which includes: on-site management, technical and software support.