Work environments have changed drastically over the past two years. The hybrid workplace became the norm as the pandemic forced businesses to adapt to a remote working model to ensure employee safety while safeguarding productivity.  

As the world is slowly returning to normal, organisations are still using a hybrid workplace model. According to a survey done by McKinsey & Company, 52% of employees want to be more flexible after the pandemic with regards to their location. This means, even in 2022, digital remote work or a hybrid solution will become the default in many organisations and exclusively working from an organisation’s offices will become the exception.

Adopting these new business trends must ensure that employees can complete tasks efficiently from anywhere in the world. Thanks to incredible technology, employees can now perform everyday office tasks such as printing remotely. 

Let’s look at a few features your printer requires to adopt a hybrid workplace model. 

Cloud Technology Capabilities 

Cloud technology allows you to connect, print and scan directly to your office printer from anywhere in the world. Konica Minolta’s mobile printing offers a safe and fast printing solution that does not require any extra infrastructure or expensive software. All you need is an Android, iOS or Windows 10 enabled mobile device and a Konica Minolta Multifunction Printer.  

There’s no need to install additional printer drivers, especially when using printing services such as AirPrint, Mopria Print Service or Google Cloud Print. Connecting is as easy as selecting the Konica Minolta MFP that you have mobile access to.  

Security and Remote Tracking

As employees will use their own devices from different locations and networks, remote tracking enables you to track what data is being accessed and printed. Collecting tracking data also allows you to produce productivity reports to keep an eye on your remote workforce. 

By setting up individual user passwords and IDs, Konica Minolta’s mobile printing technology makes sure that your corporate interests and company network is safe and secure. This also allows for control of access rights to ensure that private data is not accessible by unauthorised personnel.

Device Relationship Management

Device Relationship Management or DRM enables you to monitor, maintain and manage your Multifunction Printer over the Internet. As your employees will be working from different locations, your IT staff will be able to diagnose printer faults and errors remotely without having to travel to the printer itself. 

bizhub vCare is Konica Minolta developed technology embedded in our products. It’s remote diagnostic software that allows our trained service technicians to monitor, manage and service your bizhub, bizhub PRO, bizhub PRESS multifunction products (MFP) and printers over the Internet with no disruption to your device or business”

How we can bring your Business one step closer to an Intelligent Connected Workplace.

Konica Minolta’s Cloud-Based Solutions offers everything an SME could need. As there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Smart Cloud Services, individual functionalities need to be tailored to your specific requirements giving you the key to increasing overall productivity. Konica Minolta Office Solutions will conduct an in-depth assessment that identifies your needs and implement a strategy that enables our clients to benefit from the latest technology and implement industry best practice standards.

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Konica Minolta Office Solution becomes your (SME) subject matter expert and takes responsibility for the solution as a Technology Partner, which includes: on-site management, technical and software support.