Designed for your Konica Minolta Multifunction Printer, the award-winning MarketPlace features applications that can be accessed from the convenience of your MFP control panel. The Konica Minolta MarketPlace allows you to add enhanced functionality to your monochrome and colour bizhub MFPs based on your specific requirements.  

Konica Minolta MarketPlace Applications and Benefits

You can choose from a wide variety of scan, print, and security apps that are designed to streamline your workflow. View a corporate announcement, access a library of forms or templates to print, scan to and download from a variety of cloud services, including Microsoft SharePoint, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and Email, etc., and much more — all directly from the MFP, maintaining the optimum workflow for which you’ve come to count on from Konica Minolta. 

MarketPlace’s centralized control provides you with the features you need to easily install apps and licenses, manage devices, create custom user interfaces (UIs), and much more.


Connectors for Dropbox – Access your files in the cloud by connecting to your Dropbox account.

Connector for OneDrive – Scan, Print and perform basic file operations in Microsoft OneDrive

Connector for Gmail – Browse, preview and print your emails and attachments directly from Gmail without leaving your MFP.

Enterprise Content Management 

Connect to Microsoft SharePoint – Access your Microsoft Sharepoint Account – browse, print and upload documents without ever leaving your MFP.

Connect to OnBase  Scan, index and upload directly into OnBase enterprise content management solution. 

Sharepoint Online – Perform basic file and folder operations in SharePoint Online

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MFP Functions

Copy Shadow Removal  Konica Minolta’s Copy Shadow Removal app is designed to remove the shadow that appears when the document cannot be laid flat, such as when copying pages from a book.

Create a Booklet  The Create Booklet app allows users to turn the MFP into a veritable print shop.

Secure Print Box – The Secure Print Box app allows users to set an ID and password for print data, increasing the security of their documents.


bizhub SECURE Notifier App – This simple-to-install app ensures that your MFPs are properly protected with easily-readable graphical representations of MFP security.

Dispatcher Phoenix Release2Me Tile – The Dispatcher Phoenix Release2Me Tile App helps secure your company’s sensitive documents with password-protected print release.


Clean Planet – With this simple app, you can expedite recycling by ordering bulk shipping boxes and printing shipping labels directly from your bizhub MFP.

Paper Templates – Paper Templates will help save your company money on pre-printed documents by printing them right from your MFP.

Express Connect – The Express Connect app from Konica Minolta provides users with quick access to the websites they visit most often.


Dispatcher Phoenix – The Dispatcher Phoenix app provides companies with the secure document management solution they need to increase efficiency and productivity.

Dispatcher Phoenix ScanTrip – Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix ScanTrip app provides users with seamless access to their scan-to-cloud workflows. This app is easy-to-use, supports 3rd party authentication and includes several exciting features. 

Dispatcher Phoenix Workflow Tile – The Dispatcher Phoenix Workflow Tile App helps businesses of all sizes save time and costs with workflow automation. After setup, your time-saving workflows are available with a single click, reducing the number of touchpoints needed for automated processing workflows and shared workflows. 

How we can help you find the Perfect Printer for your Business

To implement an effective print strategy, we first need to have a comprehensive understanding of your printing requirements. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to managing printing requirements. Konica Minolta Office Solutions will conduct an in-depth assessment that identifies your needs and implements a strategy that enables our clients to increase productivity, use the latest print technology and implement industry best practice standards.

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Konica Minolta Office Solution becomes your (SME) subject matter expert and takes responsibility for the solution as a Technology Partner, which includes: on-site management, technical and software support.